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  • Picture of Wall Panel 400*2400

Wall Panel 400*2400

FOB Price : US $120.00
Min.Order Quantity : 1 PCS/PCS
Supply Ability : PCS
Loading Port : China
Payment Terms : L/C,T/T

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Aluminum formwork system 
In Building Construction, the costs of aluminum formwork and scaffolding has account 20%-30% for the total costs, when removed the aluminum formwork and scaffolding it account 5-50% the time of the total time. So the excellent formwork system can achieve the goal of high efficiency, low carbon, saving energy and protection environments. Compare with the traditional timber formwork, the aluminum formwork have obvious advantages.


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Advantages of Aluminum Formwork System:

  • construction cycle is short, high efficiency: Aluminum formwork system for the fast form removal system, generally 18-36 hours to form removal, so only one layer of aluminum templates plus three single support can be used, a layer of the normal construction of up to 3-4 days, thus greatly shorten the construction period, the construction units to save administrative costs, as well as real estate developers to shorten the development cycle .

  • Reusable Low cost: Regulate the construction of a template can be flipped 300 times or more, use of low cost

  • Easy construction, high efficiency: Aluminum formwork system assembly is simple, convenient installation, simply pro rata increase the standard board, light weight aluminum template per square meter 18-25KG. Construction process is completely assembled by hand, transshipment; does not depend Lifting Equipment

  • Good stability, high capacity: capacity up to 60KN

  • Wide range of applications: Aluminum formwork system is suitable for all building components, such as load-bearing walls, columns, beams, stairs, balconies, etc., are available through the cement pouring at once.

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